Moss’ career in the health industry was inspired by his background in freestyle wrestling, which he practiced to an Olympic standard. He have over 10 years experience and was sought after by many athletes, especially in  the MMA world. He was also one of the top trainers at Virgin Active UK, working with a renowned client base from all walks of life, including celebrities such as Melanie Sykes, Max Irons (son of Jeremy Irons), actor Ed Skrein, musician Jason Derulo and UFC fighter Modestas Bukauskas.

In 2020, he decided to branch out and focus on delivering bespoke training for clients to help them reach their peak physical fitness levels. As well as taking many different classes at FH he is availble for Personal Training and specialises in; Health and Wellness (including weight loss), CrossFit training, Hypertrophy and Muscle building.


Justyna originally from Poland is a fitness fanatic, an experienced Personal Trainer, Group Instructor, Nutritionist, Certified Life Coach with a Master degree in Sociology with specialization in Body image Vs Media , Culture , Mindset.

She has developed a holistic and bespoke approach that has transformed not only body and mindset of hundreds of clients but has helped in teaching each client how to maintain their dream body, living a healthier and happier lifestyle without sacrificing the joys of life. This enables for a lifetime transformation rather than just temporary.


Her strategy is about finding their WHY, what trigger will make them change, and be consistent with it.

Justyna will be your Mentor, and Body Mind Coach in your journey towards your very Best Version of Yourself.

She has also experience and success in coaching coaching clients for body building competitions as well as personally competing and winning in the bikini category.

She is also a blogger and social influencer.

You can find out more about her on her social media feeds, IG:  justyna_bodymindcoach

Justyna can not only be your PT , but you can also find her taking several classes here at the HUB. You can find her teaching:

  • Kickboxing
  • Booty Gains
  • Fit Mumma’s
  • Group Cycle
  • Body Pump  


Selima is a Qualified Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor specialising in Strength Training, HIIT (high intensity interval training) and Thai Boxing (Muay Thai).

She has been training for over 8 years. She has been through her own Weight-Loss journey a few years back – going from a size XXL to now a dress size Medium.

Through this journey she learnt how to lose weight in a safe and healthy way, toning and sculpting the body along the way. It wasn’t easy but she did it, this gave her a drive into the fitness industry when she left my Project Management job and turned her passion for fitness into a career.

Helping others achieve their goals is very satisfying for her, especially when you love what you do. She is passionate about keeping fit and healthy, a believes simple active lifestyle change makes a huge impact on your mind, body and well-being for the better.

Remember: The journey is just as important as the results.


Xavi, originally from Spain loves London and its cosmopolitan mix of cultures with all it’s different styles of music. This has given Xavi a lot of inspiration and motivation to achieve his dream role as an Indoor Cycling instructor.

Xavi’s classes are a new concept which synchronise the pedalling to the beat and rhythm of the music using Xavi’s own mixes of Latin, R&B, Garage, Commercial Pop, and other popular and trending sounds.

Xavi will make sure that everyone has an Individualised session depending on your fitness level. Expect his classes to be fun and dynamic using graphics and digital visuals leaving you feeling euphoric, re-energised, relaxed, and ready for the day ahead


Lee is an amateur international boxer, two-time national champion, former southern area title belt holder and twice silver winner at the international Herongate box Cup.

She is a busy mum to a beautiful 1 year old baby boy. In her spare time Lee enjoys spinning, keeping fit and can often be seen covered in mud after a long distance run in the nearby forest. Lee will most certainly put you through your paces whilst teaching you the art of boxing.


Munir has trained in martial arts for over 30 years specialising in Boxing, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing.  He has integrated techniques from various systems, as well as using aspects of sports psychology that are practical and easy to use for self-defense. He has also devised the new Thai Zone Technique, an all-round non-contact conditioning class for the fighter within you.



Kate has practiced yoga for over 16 years.  Having seen the positive effect it has had on her life, especially at times of great stress, she qualified as a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance with the aim of sharing her experience. She believes that yoga is for everyone and the techniques we learn on our mats, can enhance and improve the life we lead off our mats.


Jen came to Pilates after suffering from a herniated disc over 10 years ago. She toyed with classical and the not so classical approach to Pilates for years – from right back to the basics of the fundamentals of Pilates to a more flow/yoga inspired type of class. When Jen moved to Toronto in the Summer of 2016, Jen hit the studios hard and started practising 5/6 times a week, sometimes twice a day because she loved the studio and the style of teaching so much. In 2018 Jen completed the Stott Pilates teacher training in Brighton!

Jen is also pre and post Natal trained through Mama’s Pilates and currently training to be a Moving Fascia Teacher through Evolve Movement in Brighton.

Come to Jen’s class for an hour of movement, fun and a great playlist! Jen says ‘I think the playlist is such an important part of the class’. ‘I love feedback and want to cater to you – it’s a two-way street, so don’t be afraid to let me know what you want to see in classes too’.


Claudia has been practising yoga since 2005 and teaching vinyasa flow since 2016. She finds the meditative practise of linking movement and breath to be the perfect time-out from the busyness of modern London life, helping her and her students to feel more present, grounded and focused. She loved practising pre-natal yoga throughout her pregnancy with a community of women going through a transformative stage of their lives and always came away feeling a sense of empowerment and respect for what the female body is capable of. This lead her to complete her pre-natal yoga training with Nadia Narain in 2020.



Alberto is originally from Spain and has been working professionally in the fitness industry for over 8 years.  Alberto believes fitness plays a major part in happiness and strives in passing on his knowledge and experience to his clients to help achieve great results which will in turn help you live a more mobile, stronger with a better understanding of how your biomechanics work.

Alberto describes his training method as a hybrid of calisthenics and functional training with a touch of locomotion and mobility (Ido Portal). 


Abby began her Pilates ‘journey’ while training in Ballet as a young dancer. This training in basic Pilates helped support her dance training for the rest of her career – Abby has performed around the world with artists such as Take That, Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue.

 During her career she decided to use her love for Pilates and complete her Level 3 mat Pilates qualification – along with training in Pre & Post Natal pilates. She felt this went hand in hand with her dance career, and after having a baby in 2018 Abby decided to focus more on her Pilates clients and is excited to share her passion for Pilates, health and wellbeing. 

In Abby’s classes expect to be challenged not only physically but mentally too – continually switching up exercises and focusing on different elements each week she hopes to provide a well rounded form of exercise, leaving clients not only feeling they have “worked’ but also taking away something new from each session.