Boxing & Conditioning

Designed for the ultimate fat burn and full body workout. This high energy class will focus on developing your boxing technique with a mix of circuit training. Learn the fundamentals of boxing which you will use to give yourself an exhaustive all round work out. Combine our water bag drills, pad combinations, shadow boxing and general fitness drills which will guarantee you’ll be put through your paces.

LAB (Legs, Abs, Booty)

This class features a number of exercise routines specifically targeting the key areas of the quads, calves, glutes and abs. It’s a fantastic option for those who want to tone up and improve the shape and firmness of these key areas as well as improving your overall fitness whilst having fun to some great upbeat music.

Calisthenics & Moves

This class will give you a full body workout focusing on mobility, flexibility and strength-based workouts that requires you to use your own bodyweight to create unique and challenging workouts. This will consequently help you become more in tune with your bodies biomechanics.

Lift & Shred

Get ready for a high energy buzz. This class focuses on a combination of high intensity cardio exercises and weight training to bring you the maximum amount of calorie BURN in the shortest amount of time. This is a fun and upbeat class open to all levels.

Prenatal Pilates

Join Abby for a 6 week Prenatal Pilates course. This 6 week course will take you through safe Pilates exercises, tailored for pregnancy and preparation for birth. Focusing on learning how to support your changing body, working on safely strengthening core and pelvic floor muscles, using breathing and mindfulness techniques to aid a strong, calm mindset

Postnatal Pilates

A 6 week course for postnatal fitness, Abby will take you through a course of safe Pilates exercises to support you through the beginning of your postnatal phase. Focusing on regaining core and pelvic floor stability, learning how to adapt exercises safely, and gently building up strength and fitness levels. Abby wants to create a safe, welcoming space for new mums to meet other mums, and enjoy some ‘me’ time. This course is suitable once you have had your GP sign off, babies are welcome to the class up until crawling – breastfeeding/bottle feeding welcome.

Open Vinyasa Flow Yoga

A nourishing class focusing deeply on the breath and spirit, moving through flowing sequences of asanas (yoga postures) and alignment – sometimes energetic and challenging – leaving you feeling energized, open hearted and grounded. 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

An energising practise that builds strength and flexibility by incorporating sun salutations, balancing poses, twists, hip openers and back bends. Postures are linked to the breath in a fun, meditative flow with an uplifting soundtrack, leaving students feeling re-balanced and re-energised. All levels welcome.

Hatha Flow Yoga

Using the breath to connect to our body and calm our mind, this class will use Hatha yoga postures linked in a flowing practice, to awaken and energise the body ready for the day ahead.  Suitable for complete beginners, as well as those with yoga experience.

Hatha Yoga

This class will use classical Hatha yoga postures, to improve alignment, build strength and increase flexibility, using the breath to facilitate relaxation.  Poses can be modified to be accessible to everyone.

Clinical Pilates

This class is led by chartered physiotherapists with an expert knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and rehabilitation through exercises. There is a focus on precision, alignment, specific muscle activation and core control. This pilates class is often used as an adjunct to various sports and is an ideal form of strength training to aid injury prevention and compliment training schedules for a challenging core workout.


Get fit, improve your flexibility, posture and build your core strength while developing breathing and body-mind control. Classes are dynamic, challenging and energising. Expect to be challenged not only physically but mentally too – continually switching up exercises and focusing on different elements each week.